NIGERIA - March 2012 Innovative Assistance to Victims of HIV and Infectious Diseases


Mr. Satish Mehtani, Founder, President & CEO of IMMUSA and his associates visited Abuja, Nigeria for two weeks in March of 2012. Among the many wonderful people he met in Nigeria were Ms. Sybil Williamson, Nigerian native and Mr. David Carew, British native, who both lived in Abuja. They both helped Mr. Mehtani to donate over 3,000 pieces of needles and syringes invented by Dr. Alexander Lee DDS, Board Member of IMMUSA to the local ministry of health for onward distribution to victims of HIV and other infectious diseases.


These needles and syringes were particularly beneficial as they were invented and designed specifically to minimize operator errors and disease transmission.


As we are aware, dental assistants are at higher risk for needle stick injuries recapping the used, contaminated needles several times a day. Dental assistants are 10 times more likely to get needle stick injuries.

The cost of these injuries in 2011 was over 500 million dollars. Now with the use of LeEject syringes, needle stick injuries have gone down. These syringes are being used in mass scales in Europe, UAE, India, South America, and South Korea. We were able to provide US contact information to the local merchant for future requirements.

In addition, several dozens of tubes of Miracle Rash Repair Cream, Miracle Foot Repair Cream, Miracle Hand Repair Cream, and anti-fungal creams were given to the Health ministry through Ms. Williamson. These creams were fast acting relief creams which aided those suffering from for psoriasis, dermatitis, itching, and severe rashes. In addition to being safe for diabetics, these creams also helped to heal damaged skin, discoloration, unpleasant odor, itching and scaling.

In a short period of time, these creams proved to be so effective that local merchants wanted to buy the creams in bulk for distribution in local Nigerian markets.



Visuable Team