IMMUSA is among the world’s most intrepid disaster relief organizations worldwide with a mission to provide disaster relief worldwide (USA and internationally) directly or indirectly, and extend support to local communities.


We are currently working on disaster relief activities to help Hurricane Irma victims in Miami, Florida area, and relief planning and activities for Puerto Rico. Right after Hurricane Harvey, our team has delivered baby diapers, baby wipes and milk bottles to Hurricane Harvey Evacuees in shelters in San Antonio, Texas.


Our prior disaster relief activities have included delivering food, shelter, clothing and education to the orphaned children hit by Nepal’s devastating earthquake in 2015.

Before that our disaster relief efforts were focused on World Trade Center 911 disaster, Ecuador earthquake, Japan tsunami. We have ongoing food contributions to Market Street Mission in New Jersey.


The professional team committed to IMM includes renowned physicians in the fields of pediatrics, geriatrics, orthopedics, infectious disease, ophthalmology, pain management, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, psychology, physical therapy, nuclear medicine and more. Our distinguished Board of Directors include, a former U.S. Ambassador, engineers, attorneys, physicians, the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce CEO and respected leaders in the community.


Construction teams trained specifically to address post-disaster recovery, and reconstruction efforts are available and can be mobilized quickly in response to any need on a cost-plus basis.