KUWAIT - 1991-1993 Hot Food and Lodging for Victims of Gulf War


At the conclusion of the Gulf War in 1991, a team of cooks and captains, headed by Satish Mehtani set up 4 satellite kitchens throughout Kuwait City where for several weeks, we served 8,000 daily lunches and dinners to native victims of the Gulf War.

Lacking electricity, we prepared fresh kababs and bread in tandoors (clay ovens) which were air lifted from Indian and fueled by charcoal and wood.

Later on, we provided unskilled and skilled labor (carpenters, electricians, masons, plumbers, welders, HVAC specialists, architects, ect) to Kuwaiti authorities for the rebuilding of demolished schools, hospitals, and other buildings on a cost plus basis. Kuwaiti and Saudi authorities truly appreciated our efforts. 


This mission would not have been possible without the assistance of US Congressmen Steve Solarz, Chairman of Foreign Relations Sub-Committee who was instrumental in securing necessary approvals from the US and Kuwaiti authorities and my dearest friend, Mr. Kharaiti Abrol, who was in charge of the construction and supplying skilled and unskilled laborers.

Visuable Team